About B. Janai

Logo Option 1 (1)B. Janai is the Owner & Senior Editor of Silhöuette Magazine, a premier online lifestyle and entertainment magazine, a published author, and an avid entrepreneur. Her writing efforts began long before the creation of Silhöuette Magazine. It all started at the young age of eight, with a stack of wide-ruled paper stapled between two pieces of colored construction paper and a No. 2 pencil. That was her first book. Since then, she’s spent over 15 years writing inspirational workbooks, journals, poetry, serving as a newspaper editor, and the lead love and relationship writer for renown blogs. Her writing efforts have landed her a National Award Gold Key and Silhöuette Magazine. Although her passion is to inspire others, her inspiration is when she looks up into the blue sky and sees God smiling back. Make sure to click here to visit Silhöuette Magazine.

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