Dry Places & God’s Will

Everything from bad management to mentally exhausting work made every day at my last job a struggle. At least one employee every day would ask me why I was there. One time I was talking to one of the higher ups in the company and they asked “You have so much potential and your creativity and professionalism is amazing. I don’t understand why you’re here and not somewhere better.” It was at that moment when I began talking to God and asking him the same question they were asking me…why was I there?

Although I didn’t necessarily like the job, I always put my best foot forward so there were many days where I stayed until 10pm and sometimes 11pm to finish a project. During one of my late days, one of my co-workers had trouble understanding the project so she came into my work area to ask me for assistance. After I helped her, she ended up sitting down and we both began sharing how we ended up working for this company that neither of us liked. Her story involved a bad divorce, being laid-off, and a boss being imprisoned as a result of fraud. My heart immediately empathized with her because every day I looked into her eyes and never did I imagine the story that was behind her smile. I shared with her my story and my faith that God will work everything out for my good as well as hers. She shared with me her career goals and her fear that maybe being in her 40s with no college degree was holding her back. I told her that was nonsense and I wanted to help her so I looked at her resume and I saw that she had all of the experience she needed to get exactly where she wanted to go but her resume needed some work. My HR background and creative mind was activated so I re-did her resume, added an eye-catching layout, innovative formatting, and wording that would filter in an applicant tracking system. A week later, I gave her back a brand new shiny resume and a list of companies and less than a month later she told me she had landed a full-time job that aligned with her career goals. She had asked me how she could repay me and I told her that I didn’t want anything. Her receiving a job was my repayment. When she told me she received that job offer that brought much more joy to my heart than that paycheck brought to my bank account. In that moment, my prayer was answered and God revealed to me the reason why he had placed me at that job. It wasn’t for the money. It wasn’t for the experience. It was for her. It was for God.

When you enlist as a solider in God’s army, sometimes He will fill your well and then draft you into dry places to fulfill His will.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered
B. Janai


2 thoughts on “Dry Places & God’s Will

  1. Tmarie Parker 05/03/2017 — 8:34 pm

    Hey just wanted to say I just got your message your post about your job and why you are where you are and that was beautiful I really enjoyed reading it and thank you for sharing it and so thank you for being a willing servant of the Lord is what we all should strive to be. Take care and stay safe


    1. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your kind words! God bless!


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