A Restless Spirit

A few days ago, I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. and only got 3, maybe 4 hours of sleep. When I woke up to begin my day, I was met with attacks that made me wish I could crawl back under my silk sheets and hide from the world. The whole day was full of small attacks that made me feel like I was losing a boxing match with the enemy because I was too tired to fight back. Then, God gave me a revelation. The reason why the enemy chose that day to attack me was because he knew that I was an easy target because of my vulnerable state. When you don’t receive proper rest, you lack the necessary energy to battle the attacks of the enemy that may come your way. That’s why you must always receive proper rest so that you will maintain your strength in all areas of your life. And I’m not just talking about physical rest, I’m talking about spiritual rest, mental rest, and emotional rest. Life has the tendency to sometimes leave you drained so today I want to encourage you to get some rest. Rest yourself today by making a choice to take a break from any situation or any person that leaves you feeling restless because remember a restless person is the prime target for the enemy. Be blessed!

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