How Do I Know If Someone Loves Me?

“How do I know someone truly loves me?” That was the question a woman asked me. Usually, I would ask a bunch of questions to assess the situation before I responded but this time was different. This time I chose not to assess her situation myself so that I could allow her the opportunity to assess on her own with just a simple exercise. I ripped a sheet of paper from my notebook and on each line, I wrote out a component of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. Then, I asked her to put a “Yes” by each line if her partner exemplified that to her and to put “No” by the lines he did not exemplify. Divide the number of checkmarks by the number of lines and now you have an explicit grade of the love that you have been at the receiving end of. God gave us a clear definition of what love is and my hope is that from now on, with this knowledge, no one will have to ask the question that God gave us the answer to. I added this exercise to my new workbook and a preview of it is below, Preparation Meets Destiny: Workbook For Couples Considering Marriage. Click here to buy. 


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