Do’s & Don’ts of Flings

Although cuffing season is on the horizon, you may just want a seasonal fling to keep you warm during the fall and winter. Before you hit the streets searching for your fling, there are some things you must know so that your fling doesn’t turn into a  flop.

Do Be Spontaneous
The whole point of having a  fling is to have a romantic partner to do all sort of crazy things with. That is why in order to have a worthy fling, you must be spontaneous. If your fling wants to jump from a plane while playing Never Have I Ever, then do that! As long as both of you maintain spontaneity then this season will be one to remember.

Don’t Go Out Looking For Love
Despite cuffing season being the season of finding love, don’t place that desire on your fling. Although it is very possible for your fling to turn into a serious relationship, that should not be your focus. When your focus is falling in love with your seasonal fling, then you place expectations on a partnership that is built on enjoying the freedom of no expectations.

Don’t Pick Someone from Your Job
Flings do not always end pleasantly or once they end you may not want to ever see that person again. In order to escape both of these very possible (and likely) outcomes, it is recommended to not partake in a fling with someone you go to work with. The last thing you want is to end up on the same elevator as your fling once the season is over.

Do State That This Is a Fling
Feelings get hurt less and fewer hearts get broken when people state the expectations and dynamics of a relationship at the beginning. A common occurrence with flings is one person perceiving it as a fling and the other person looking at it as a whirlwind romance. That is why you must state that it is a fling at the beginning. This prevents miscommunications and allows both parties to stay on the same page.

Don’t Blur the Lines
Even after you state that this is a fling, you must be sure to not blur the lines of a fling and a relationship. Stay away from partaking in activities that are normal of people in a committed relationship. That means don’t meet each others’ family, don’t go on dates, don’t make him your Man Crush Monday or Woman Crush Wednesday. Flings are the only appropriate arrangement where Netflix & Chill is completely acceptable.

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