Pros & Cons of Keeping a Summer Fling Alive

Summer flings are typically looked at as being short-term relationships, but they can actually turn into meaningful relationships for seasons to come. On the other hand, some of them are meant to only last one sunny season. If you are deciding whether or not to keep your summer fling alive, you must first outweigh the pros and cons.


1) You already have a set cuddle buddy for the winter, because a jacket or a coat cannot be compared to the warmth of another human being by your side.

2) Since you started dating them in the summer, it is the perfect timing to know whether you want to enter an exclusive relationship with them by the start of cuffing season.

3) You get a chance to know them on a deeper level once the excitement of summer is gone, which allows you to see a different side of them that you may like even more than their beach body.

4) Over the summer, both of you shared amazing adventures and experiences together. By keeping your summer fling alive, you get the chance to make even more memories with that person.


1) You may not like them with their clothes on, because summer flings are based on physical appearance, the subtraction of clothes, and the addition of bikinis and six packs. As a result of that, these relationships can tend to be more surface than others. So, once the summer ends and they begin wearing more clothes, you may realize that you lacked a genuine connection with them from the start.

2) At the start of fall, everyone returns back to their regular work schedule and their routine life. So, although your summer fling was the perfect fit for those few months, you may notice that they do not fit into your normal life.

3) Both of you may have agreed that this is not going to turn into anything serious, but the longer you associate with someone the higher the chances get that you will begin developing feelings for that person. So, by keeping this summer fling alive you may find yourself falling for someone that has no intentions of falling for you.

4) Your summer fling may turn into a long-distance relationship once they return back to their normal place of residence.

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