Flirt & Fitness: How to Meet a Man at the Gym

One of my favorite jams is the infamous song by Kanye West titled “The New Workout Plan”. The song is about single girls that should partake in various fitness activities in hopes of ending up with a decent or rich man.

The whole song is a joke, but it has some truth to it. Working out tends to make guys more attracted to women for many reasons…most of the reasons physical. Guys love the gym because they get to watch women do jumping jacks in their sports bras. Then they pick which girl they want. I won’t be one-sided though. As women, one of the benefits of gym membership that wasn’t listed in the pamphlet is being in the company of attractive men.

I am not suggesting that you should go to the gym only for the men. I am only saying that while you are at the gym there are ways to maximize your time. If you do some of these things at the gym then you could leave with a romantic workout partner.

Ask For Help

Every man takes great pride in helping a beautiful woman, so let him! Let him be your knight in Under Armour. When you see a guy you deem attractive then find a machine next to him. Make sure it is not a simple machine like the lateral pull machine because then it looks obvious. Pick a complex machine and ask him for help on how to use it. Then after he helps you, your next task is to introduce yourself to him. Now your foundation is set! You have made yourself noticed and you are officially on his radar. If he is attracted to you then he will make the next step.

Don’t Wear Make-Up or Jewelry

Guys don’t want the girl that looks like she came to the gym with the sole purpose of leaving with a phone number. That means to wipe off your foundation and un-clip your silver earrings. The only thing you need to take is your confidence.

Wear Bright Colors

This does not mean that you cannot wear your black yoga pants. You should just contrast it with a bright-colored top. Bright colors make women seem more approachable. They also make you instantly noticeable because it naturally draws people’s attention.

The Time of Day

If you are trying to meet a guy at the gym do not forget to choose the perfect time of day. Each gym has its own time so it is important to figure out what time most men are working out at your gym. The task here is to have more options to choose from. Not every guy at the gym is single. Not every guy at the gym is attractive. When there are fewer men to choose from it raises the chances that you will leave without meeting anyone.

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