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What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

The greatest part about growing up is gaining wisdom, but what if we could rewind the clocks and stop the continuum of time to give the younger version of ourselves a few words of wisdom? Words of wisdom to prevent the hearts that have been broken, the tears that have fallen from our eyes, and the sleepless nights we’ve lied awake wondering how this chapter of our lives will end. Although the limitations of our current reality prevent us from traveling back to the future, it doesn’t limit us from pretending. So, let’s pretend. Let’s pretend that for a moment, we all have the ability to give the younger version of ourselves one piece of advice. What would you say?

“I would tell her not to allow the pain of today to make her believe that there is not a brighter tomorrow. I had a rough time growing up and I remember thinking that this is the way my entire life will be, so if I could, I would love to go back into time and whisper words of hope to that little girl who felt hopeless.” – Bailee

“You are worthy. Don’t allow others that fail to see your beauty dictate the trajectory of your life. Life passes by in a glimpse so enjoy the music, the fashion, the movies that YOU like. You do not have to change yourself to appear more appealing to others because your tribe will find you and the people that are meant to be in your life will love you regardless. When it comes to love, let the feelings flow. Don’t adhere to expectations and timelines that society has placed on how things should go when it comes to love. Take it one day at a time and allow yourself to feel the emotions totally.” – Amelia

I would say to not be afraid of who you are, even if people won’t accept you. Be patient in your growth and your time will come. Don’t beat yourself up for the mistakes you made, they are all for a reason. – Derrick

Surround yourself with individuals that have goals and dreams! – Brian 

I would tell myself not to sacrifice myself for others. I’ve always sacrificed what I wanted for myself to accommodate other people’s growth so I would tell myself not to do that. – Melissa

I would tell the younger version of myself to not rush life. Do not rush your goals, dreams or even love. Embrace the journey because that is where your memories lie. No one remembers the destination without the journey. – Cassie

I would tell myself a lot. I would tell her to take your time and get to know individuals before giving them your all and I would tell her not to have sex until you are married…. a moment of pleasure can give u a lifetime of pain.  – Khrystian

It’s ok to say no to others and losing friendships in the process is normal. People are in your lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. – Delilah

Follow God and not people. – Colton

Learn to love yourself and do not compare yourself and your journey to others. What God intended to be for you, will be for you in His timing. Don’t try to rush life or alter the course of your life to keep up with the next person. Embrace who you are and be thankful for the things that you have. – Taraji

Although it’s going to be hard… just fight through it. It’s only going to make you 10x better, wiser, and most importantly 100x closer to God. It’s the best feeling, but it wouldn’t be the same without the heartbreaks and the struggles. Yes, it feels like God isn’t there. Yet, I promise you he is ALWAYS THERE!!!!!! – Destiny

Don’t live your life wanting to please others. Don’t care about what other people think. Be exactly who you are and do not waiver from it. Find the beauty in self-love. No one can do that job better than you. – Allysa

My advice would be to slow down and enjoy life. It’s all going to work out. – Beverly

I would tell my younger self to silence out the voices of fear, mediocrity, and must do’s and don’ts of others, and instead attentively listen for my inner voice of direction and desire.  I would train myself to “trust myself” to understand the power I actually have over my life’s design by first, taking time to notice the things that physically manifest in my life that was first only in my imagination, my desires or my dreams; second, I would use that evidence to build trust and belief in myself and my inner voice so that thirdly, I could be more intentional to imagine, desire and dream better than the best I know for my life, my love and my future.  I would learn to act from a place of courage, not fear, accepting that bruises will come but will heal. – Shon




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