1. Awesome article! I will implement some of your tips and change my thinking in the area of healthy eating on my continuous journey to have a healthy fit lifestyle.


  2. Truly an amazing read. I feel a lot of people (myself included) have struggled with at least one of these myths at some point in their life. After reading your article I feel more confident when trying to make healthier choices and I will definitely reach out to you to learn more! After this read, achieving my health goals do not seem so difficult!


  3. There are many myths out there about food choices and healthy diets. I am so glad you have addressed some of them. On the brink of nearly becoming insulin dependent as a diabetic, your inspiration along with proper dieting helped me lose 32 lbs and decreased my glucose meds,my doctor was truly impressed. May others be encouraged by your article.


  4. I was inspired by your dedication to make healthy choices resulting in my losing 32 lbs and becoming non insulin dependent, my doctor was totally pleased. As a diabetic, following a healthy diet is extremely important. I pray others are inspired as well.


  5. Michael Darensburg

    Wow! I’ve always thought of dieting as a major task of do’s and dont’s of my eating habits. After reading your article I don’t see a need to diet at all. However, I do feel a need to love my self enough to eat the proper foods it takes for me to think with a more healthy functioning brain and produce a healthier body. Therefore, based on the information that you’ve shared I am encouraged to commit to only eating foods that will help me to achieve this goal, with a lil cheat, cheat every now and then. Thank you so much, this is a BIG! help


  6. This article was very helpful. I meet a lot of people who avoid eating healthy all together because they think that they would have to completely give up all of the foods that they enjoy (which is totally not true). Thank you so much for shedding light on these myths. Hopefully this will help people realize that being healthy is not SO hard as people believe it to be. Thanks Nutrition Nina!


  7. Awesome article! There are SO many myths and misconceptions about what it means to eat healthy and these five facts will definitely get anyone started on the right path to a healthy food journey and lifestyle.


  8. Great article! I appreciated the reminder that grains are not to be avoided and are part of a healthy diet-despite the gluten free craze of late. Going to try to incorporate more whole, complex grains into my diet.


  9. This is a simple and sensible approach to a healthy lifestyle. The language of the 5 facts about food myths is concise, and easy to read and comprehend which motivates you to get on board to take the steps to a healthy you.


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