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The Definition of Insanity is a Myth

“Don’t change your desire. Change your expectation.”

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result. Living by that definition means that we should never do the same thing twice if we want to be considered sane. It insinuates that if you try something once and it doesn’t work, then you need to let bygones be bygones because if you try it again with different expectations then you are insane to believe that this time things may turn out right. You must be insane to believe that because your prior relationships failed, that this one will be successful. You must be insane to believe that this time the same bank that denied you the loan will grant it to you. You must be insane to believe that if you try it again, then God will open the door unto you. All of that is highly invalid because the only thing you must be insane to believe is that the fear of insanity is a valid reason to stop trying at whatever God placed in your heart.

I have attempted many things including relationships, weight loss, obtaining a career, and following my dreams and all of them failed not just the first time…but time and time again after that. If I would have allowed the fear of insanity to control my decisions and my actions then I would have never succeeded at any of the above. I would have never come to God to give me the knowledge to navigate a healthy relationship because I would have allowed the failed ones to stop me from trying. I would have never lost the weight because I would have allowed the first hundred diets I failed to stop me from trying to find a healthy lifestyle. I would have never obtained my career in marketing because I would have allowed the first thirty-four rejection letters stop me from going on interviews. I also would have never started this magazine and began writing a book, because I would have allowed my first blog that nobody paid attention to stop me from writing my heart out. In order to meet the goals I had for myself, I had to invalidate the fear of insanity and make a daily choice to operate outside of it.

When you want something and God has placed it in your heart, then you must keep trying the same thing multiple times until the result matches up with your expectation. God does not honor the fear of insanity. God honors persistence. He honors those that will step out into the same battle and expect that this time victory will be theirs. In Luke 18:1-8, Jesus told a parable to his disciples about a widow that came to the same judge with a plea to grant her justice against her adversary and each time he said no. She didn’t change judges and she didn’t change her plea, but yet she came back time and time again expecting the judge to grant her the desires of her heart and each time she was denied. Her persistence was eventually honored by God and after so many times the judge finally said, “I will give her justice so that she doesn’t wear me out with her persistent coming.” (Luke 18:5). Some may call her insane, but her invalidation of the definition of insanity concluded with God rewarding her persistence. Don’t give up. Don’t quit. And don’t even try something new. Give that desire that God placed into your heart an unlimited amount of chances until the manifestation is evident in your life.


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