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Stuck at the Start of Your Dream

The definition of “stuck” is to be trapped or held in one position as to where the person or object cannot be moved. That was me. Trapped in an overwhelming reality of rejection. Held back from running towards the desires that God had placed into my heart. I was stuck at the starting line.

One of the most frustrating feelings is to be stuck at the starting line when you have the vision to run towards the finish. When I graduated college last year and began working temporary contract jobs, I had the vision to obtain a permanent position in human resources because I was good at it and it was a route that required less risk. So, I applied to every job in human resources that was listed online, redid my resume countless times, and attempted various interview techniques. Although my efforts landed me 30 interviews, it also landed me 30 rejections. At this point, I questioned whether God was punishing me so I began praying and reading the Bible every morning and every night searching for an answer. My search concluded with God telling me that the rejection was not punishment. It was a redirection.

God has gifted me with amazing creativity in the areas of writing, marketing, graphic design, and website development but I was scared to use it. I was scared to use my God-given gifts because they are out of the societal norm, but after countless rejection, the fear of failure subsided because I had already failed. Failing will undoubtedly make you less scared to fail. God told me to redirect my efforts towards a path of creativity and using the gifts that he had given me, so I started this blog, obtained a website development job on the side, and started striving in the direction of securing a permanent job in marketing. Then, I redid my resume in a format that had never been seen before and applied for every marketing position listed online. The calls began to roll in, the interviews began to be scheduled, but I was still stuck. I was stuck in a contract human resources position but the director admired my work ethic so much that she asked whether I would be interested in taking a permanent position in the company. Although I was not in any position to deny any possibility of a permanent job…I did. I said no so that I could say yes to God’s purpose for my life. I truly believe that was God testing me to see whether I would be truly patient and believe that he will bring my marketing job to fruition or whether I would give in and take the first opportunity to run after a long season of being stuck. Two days after I passed up on that opportunity, I was offered a dream job in marketing where I can utilize my creative talents on a higher level…a level where I can run.

Over the course of one year, I went on 35 interviews…received 34 rejections…and 1 offer. I had to go through this because if I would have gotten any of the jobs I had interviewed for before then I would have begun running but it would have been in the wrong direction. I stayed stuck at the start until I allowed the world’s rejection to provide redirection as a result of God’s protection. God will keep you stuck at the starting line until he redirects your path in alignment with his will for your life. God has a Plan A for our life and he loves us so much that he won’t hesitate to block and redirect everything we attempt to run towards that foreshadows Plan B. Man’s rejection is God’s protection.

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