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Quiet The Voice of Your Heart

The voice of our heart is frequently and unintentionally louder than the voice of God in many of our lives. We will believe that God has spoken to us when it was really our heart’s disguise as His voice. We couldn’t quite tell because we only heard the voice that made the most noise and God will never yell if we choose not to listen. That is why the Bible says that the heart is deceiving because if you aren’t listening to the voice of God then your heart can deceive you down a dark path by luring you in with its light. I believe that God speaks in whispers and if we aren’t intentional in quieting the noise of our emotions to tune into the guidance of God then we can easily find ourselves calling a relationship “God-ordained” when it was actually “Heart-proclaimed.”

Therein lies the question, “How do you know that a relationship is God-sent when it all seems so good in the beginning?” I can understand why this question can seem so hard to answer when you haven’t quite learned how to distinguish the voice of truth from the voice of deception, but the answer is simple. Ask God and he shall respond with the right way to proceed. If you find that it is hard to hear God’s voice in your relationship, then maybe your heart is too loud. Your heart is overtaking the conversation that God is trying to have with you so you may need to step back and enter into the presence of God void of your heart’s emotions and simply pray this prayer.

“God quiet my heart so that I can hear your voice.”

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