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The Reason Why Heartbreak Hurts So Bad

The reason why heartbreak hurts so bad is because you put God-expectations on mankind. The Bible says that God will never fail you, but nowhere does it say that “Mankind will never fail you.” Why? Because mankind will fail you.

You expected them to not leave, you expected them to always love you, you expected them to not betray you, and you expected them to not be deceptive. You expected them NOT to be everything that mankind IS. If your expectations are placed onto God and not mankind, then you won’t be detrimentally hurt when mankind fails you.

Instead, you’ll be able to expect that somehow this will all work for your good because your expectations were in the right place. It took me a while to learn this because we don’t do it on purpose but subconsciously we walk into relationships placing God-expectations on normal human beings.

“The source of your pain can be tracked by locating your expectations. Are they rooted in Man or God?”

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