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I’ve Settled on Not Settling

“If you wait while you work instead of dreaming after you’ve settled, then you will begin to see God’s plan for your life manifest in miraculous ways.”

“You can be anything you want to be, but if you can’t do it quick enough then give up and do what’s easy.” “Don’t settle for less than what you deserve in a relationship…under 30 years old…after 30 just make sure he has a 401K and all of his teeth.” This is the voice of society. Encouraging us to have limitless visions for our life for a limited amount of time.

I refuse to listen to the ticking of the clock, when I serve the author of time. I refuse to listen to the voices of those telling me to settle for the same “less than” life that they settled for because they were too impatient to wait for the life God had for them. I have no desire at all to take the safe and popular route. I desire to take the road less traveled where there are no ticking clocks and only the sound of God’s timing.

Growing up, I was never the one to rebel against the life society had set out for little girls that come from the suburbs like me. Become the highest selling Girl Scout during cookie season…check! Go to school…check! Go to college…check! Make good grades…check! Don’t get pregnant and end up on an MTV reality show…check! I did everything according to plan…up until now. I’ve been striving after the relationship that I desire for a few years now and every single day someone tells me to settle for what’s easy.

Have you ever realized that those that love you will tell you to take the safe route or the popular route? They will tell you to accept the lowest risk in a stock market full of opportunities. At first, I would get so upset with them for telling me to settle for just anything, but I realized that they say this because they love me too much. They love me too much to see me hurt, so they would never encourage me to take a risk. In this life, sometimes you have to respect and at the same time dismiss the words of those that love you when you know for a fact that God has told you something completely different.

God has told me that there is more out there for me, so I refuse to accept a love that is less than what I am worth. After a series of bad relationships and years of healing, God has shown me just how precious I am and just how much I am worth. Now that I know my worth, I refuse to accept less in relationships. I know exactly what I bring to the table and I’m confident in just how beneficial it will be to the life of the man that God has chosen for me. As a result, I no longer sell myself short and I have chosen to patiently wait for the man God told me is mine.

There is power in waiting while working. The Bible says he is “able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.” We love to focus on the rest of the verse, but the keyword to receiving everything God promises in that verse is “works”. Although I am waiting for the right man to be ready for a relationship, that does not mean I’m not working. I’m praying, fasting, and healing every single day as I work on becoming the wife God wants me to be before he allows my husband to see me as his wife…while I wait. If you wait while you work instead of dreaming after you’ve settled, then you will begin to see God’s plan for your life manifest in miraculous ways.



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