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Liquid Biotin: Secret to Quick Hair Growth

It is a proven fact that your body absorbs 98% of the vitamins that come in liquid form, compared to only 3-20% absorption in pill form. That means that your hair will experience growth 5-33x faster with liquid biotin. Another benefit of liquid biotin is that it bypasses the digestive processing system and flows right to the bloodstream within a matter of a few minutes. Get ready for your ponytail to swing in the wind! Check out my two favorite brands of liquid biotin below!


Our Picks: Kal 10000 Mcg Ultra Biotin Drops & SBR Nutrition 5000 Mcg Drops

Kal 10,000 Mcg Drops is my personal favorite brand of liquid biotin. I’ve have tested it and have experienced no side effects, the taste is delicious, and the results are fast! My second pick is SBR Nutrition’s 5000 Mcg Drops, because of the popular online reviews and the low dosage for people that may be sensitive to biotin. Whichever one you choose, make sure you drink half of your body weight in ounces of water per day to avoid negative side effects like acne and pimples.

Get ready! Set! Grow! 

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