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Stop Your Phone from Overheating

Although I love running on the treadmill, sweating on the elliptical, and lifting on the bench press, my favorite part of the gym involves sitting still in the sauna. I thoroughly enjoy winding down in 175 degrees of dry heat but it can get irritating when my phone overheats in the midst of listening to my Spotify playlist. I discovered this thermal phone pouch that prevents my phone from overheating and now my sauna sessions are uninterrupted. Check out my top 3 thermal phone pouches below! Click here to buy!

ZoomHill Thermal Phone Pouch: $9.99


Phoozy Thermal Phone Pouch: $29.99

This is the best brand of thermal phone pouches! I love this one because not only does it prevent your phone from overheating, but it also helps extend your battery life and makes your phone float if you happened to drop it in water. Click here to buy!

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