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Why June 27 is a Houston Holiday Thanks to DJ Screw

On June 27, 1996, Houston rap legend DJ Screw recorded a 35-minute freestyle with seven rappers at his house. When Big Moe, DeMo, Key – C, Yungstar, Big Pokey, Haircut Joe and Kay-Luv laid down their verses on this track, none of them expected that 23 years later, this would still be the most famous freestyle in the city’s rap game.

DJ Screw, also known as Robert Earl Davis Jr., was one of the most, if not the most, influential rapper to come out of Houston. Before he died in 2000, DJ Screw created something that would live on for years to come. You know the famous chopped and screwed DJ technique? He created that! You know the beat to the song November 18 by Drake? That was the beat of this popular freestyle! Today, I encourage you to pay your respects to the Houston rap legend by turning up the bass in your car, driving slow (but safe) and listening to June 27 on June 27. #SlowLoudAndBanging


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