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Subtle Signs You’re Ready for Love

Are you ready for love? That’s a question that every single person has asked themselves at least once. Take a look at the subtle signs below to find the answer to your question!

1: You Have Given Up on the Active Pursuit

Although it sounds contradictory, you will know that you are ready for love when you stop looking for it behind every nook and cranny. The moment you say to yourself, “you know what, I’m tired of this. I’m just going to learn how to be content where I am,” that is when you are ready! Although I despise the cliche, “it happens when you least expect it,” I do believe that it happens when you stop looking for it. The moment you decide to date with no expectations of love, the love of your life will walk right in your life.

2: You’re Willing to Get Your Heartbroken Again

If you’ve ever been heartbroken, I’m sure you made the promise to yourself that you would never let someone else hurt you like that ever again. But what if I told you that the promise you made to yourself is hindering you from being ready for love? In order to open your heart to love, you’ve got to open it to the possibility of pain. Yes, it sucks, but that is the only way to experience it. When you have a wall around your heart, nothing can get in, so although you only intended to stop pain from getting in, you’re also stopping love from entering as well. As long as you keep that wall up, you’re asking for something that you haven’t even opened yourself up to…which is love.

3: You Date Open-Minded

Love can sometimes come in a form that you never expected. Maybe you wanted someone who was 6-foot with a six-figure salary, but your love is 5-foot with a 5-figure salary. Will you reject the love because it didn’t come with the requirements that you wanted, but came with the requirements that you needed? If you are still close-minded to the form in which you want love to come in, then my dear, you are far from being ready. But the moment, you open your mind up to the possibilities then you are ready to receive the love you’ve been hoping for.


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