Ex’s and Oh’s: How to Deal with an Ex

Just because you break up with someone does not mean that they go away. You may scroll down your timeline and see your ex has moved on to the person they said was just a friend. Or you may be at the market shopping and run into your ex as you grab for the diced tomatoes. Ex’s will always be around in some form or fashion and there is a way to deal with them to reduce your headache.

On Social Media

After a breakup, you should remove your ex from all social media. This helps you move on and slowly fades their presence in your life. It is hard for people to move on when they constantly see the person they used to be romantically involved with. Don’t keep your ex on social media just because you want to spy or see if they are Drakeing without you. When you are done with an ex none of those things matter and that is why the best way to deal with an ex on social media is to not deal with them.

During Public Interactions

You are bound to run into your ex in social settings, and there is a way to deal with them. One rule is not to engage in long conversations with them. When exes talk too much they tend to start reminiscing and feelings will flood back into the ocean of emotions. Although, you shouldn’t have long conversations with them you should still be cordial. Cordial doesn’t mean you guys should be friends, cordial just means a quick hi and bye.

In Your Heart

You’ll deal with your ex on social media and during public interactions, but you’ll also deal with an ex in your heart. Just because someone walks out of your life, does not mean they did the cupid shuffle out of your heart as well. The best way to deal with an ex in this situation is to not force those feelings to leave. Feelings are like a boomerang, the harder you try to force them away the quicker it will come back. That is why it is best to just let your feelings for your ex fade away on their own. One day you’ll wake up and find out that you’re free of those feelings. When that day does come, you won’t care to deal with your ex anyway.


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