7 Red Flags Easily Overlooked

In the midst of the infatuation that comes with dating someone you really like, it becomes easy to look past any red flags that your partner may throw your way. The dangers of not recognizing red flags can be a quick bus trip to the Heartbreak Hotel and a one-way street to lose love on a lonely highway. If you want to save yourself some heartache, these are 7 easily missed red flags that you don’t want to overlook.

1) Moving too fast in the progression of the relationship
If someone is asking you for commitment after two dates, then it is a high possibility that they are trying to make you their rebound.

2) Haven’t met anyone important in their life
When someone likes you they will eventually want to introduce you to someone that is important to them. If you haven’t met anyone that holds a special place in their life, then that means that you may not hold a special place in theirs.

3)Last minute planning
When your partner plans things ahead of time that means they have serious intentions with you and put effort towards spending time with you. If your partner is constantly planning things at the last minute, then that just goes to show they don’t take you seriously and you may be a backup plan.

4) Always forgets important things
There is nothing more indicative that someone doesn’t truly care than when they forget what you tell them. Now, don’t expect them to remember every little thing, but it is definitely a red flag if they forget dates, plans, or anything important that you share with them.

5) Vicious arguments
It is normal for couples to argue, but it is not normal to have vicious arguments where your partner acts manipulative, vindictive and calls you out of your name. People show who they truly are in the midst of intense conversations, so this is a red flag you can’t afford to miss.

6) Makes promises that never come to fruition
Words without actions are meaningless and that is just an indication that the relationship will be full of false promises and disappointment.

7) Staying in more and going out less
If your partner likes to stay inside the house or only likes to go to places where there aren’t many people, then that is a red flag. That means that they are hiding you, are ashamed of you, or they have someone else. Whatever the reason is, make sure not to overlook this red flag.

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