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No More Diets, Try This Instead

Dieting can be frustrating. Most of them involve starving yourself or eating a garden full of lettuce and a produce section full of vegetables. If you can’t eat another salad or starve yourself another day, it’s time for you to stop dieting and try something else instead.

Try a lifestyle change! A lifestyle change and diet are two different things. While diets are temporary restrictions on consumptions, a lifestyle change are permanent adjustments to your consumption patterns that promote a healthier way of living.

Four years ago, I made a lifestyle change and became Pescevegan by giving up meat, dairy, eggs, cheese and anything else that comes from animals. I still consume seafood occasionally, but the majority of my daily eating is 100% vegan. Being vegan isn’t for everybody, but check out these other lifestyle change options!

1: Flexitarian/Semi-Vegetarian
Mostly consumes a vegetarian diet, but occasionally eats meat and seafood.

2: Flexivegan/Semi-Vegan
Consumes mostly a vegan diet, but occasionally eats dairy, meat and seafood.

3: Pollo-Vegetarian
Mostly consumes a vegetarian diet, but occasionally eats chicken.

4: Pesco-Vegetarian
Mostly consumes a vegetarian diet, but occasionally eats fish and seafood.

5: Paleo Lifestyle
Consumes lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds

6:  Pescatarian
Consumes fish, seafood, and dairy but foregoes all meat. 

7: Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian
Consumes dairy and eggs but foregoes meat, fish, and seafood.

8: Lacto-vegetarian
Consumes dairy but foregoes eggs, meat, fish and seafood.

9: Macrobiotic
Consumes food that harmonically balance each other. The lifestyle is mostly vegan, but also includes seafood. Check out the foods below!


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