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Does Unconditional Love Exist?

We don’t know love like we should. We always talk about ‘I have unconditional love’ unconditional love is… we don’t even know it. Because if a person stops stimulating us, we stop loving them. You’re not interesting to talk to anymore, goodbye. But that real love, that love that sometimes is difficult, difficult to have. That’s that love. And that’s a confidence builder. – Lauryn Hill

This quote by Lauryn Hill inspired me to ponder about how everyone feels about the topic of unconditional love. Does unconditional love exist or does all love exist with limitations? Check out the responses below!

“I believe unconditional love is possible. I believe unconditional love from humans is a constantly evolving process that takes work, honesty, and a real understanding of the TRUE definition of love.” – Millette, 30

“I do believe unconditional love is possible. I think to love someone with conditions is telling them “oh, if you do xyz, I can’t love you” I think to love someone unconditionally is accepting them 100% completely even at their very worst.” – Tanya, 27

“Nope. We live in a conditional world. There are always going to be limitations to the love we give.” – Taraji, 26

“I believe unconditional love can be possible. What that means to me is choosing that person over and over again no matter any actions they may take to deter you. Even with distance, I believe that love can’t fade.” – Myra, 25

“If real love has conditions then it’s not love at all unless it’s based on some ‘we’re just friends.” – Jackson, 28

“Following Christ demonstrates unconditional love! Human love could be unconditional however it’s not always demonstrated due to our fleshly feelings and allowing our feelings to dictate our actions.” – Charlotte, 25

“I would say conditional in terms of personal relationships, however, it’s usually unconditional if you’re a parent because no matter what your gonna love and be there for your child. Yet someone else has to first earn my trust and then the love phase begins.” – Margaret, 36

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