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Vegan Products That Don’t Taste Vegan

When transitioning into the vegan lifestyle, there may be some occasions when you will have cravings for something more than lettuce. To be honest, even once you’re accustomed to the lifestyle there may be times when you’ll have cravings and here are my top 5 vegan brands and products that don’t taste vegan.

Beyond Meat

Beyond meat is literally just that…beyond meat! This company took the same things you used to enjoy and turned them into a delicious and non-GMO vegan delight! Their product line includes Plant-Based Burger Patties, Beyond Ground Beef, Beyond Sausage, and Beyond Beef Crumbles. Find these products near you! 



Daiya was one of the first vegan brands and their products have continually improved in taste since then, which is why they have recently become one of my favorite vegan brands. Their products include vegan shredded cheese, cheese slices, cream cheese, pizza, cheesecake, mac and cheese, coconut yogurt, blue cheese, ranch dressing, caesar dressing, burritos, alfredo and cheddar cheese sauce and ice cream bars. Find these products near you!

Strawberry Cheesecake


JUST became popular for their vegan mayonnaise that tastes better than regular mayo! Since then, they have expanded their product line and it is composed of ranch dressing, caesar dressing, chipotle ranch dressing, birthday cake cookie dough, chocolate chip cookie dough, vegan eggs, and breakfast proteins. Find these products near you!



Magnum Non-Dairy

Although Magnum is known for its dairy ice cream, they introduced non-dairy classic and almond ice cream bars. These are delicious!!!! Find these products near you! 


Sweet Earth Enlightened Foods

Sweet Earth isn’t a completely vegan brand, but they do carry vegan products! Some of my favorite products from this brand is the Veggie Lover’s Pizza, Curry Tiger Bowl, Cauliflower Mac, Moroccan Empanada, Curry Tiger Burrito, The Big Sur Breakfast Burrito, Benevelont Bacon and Seitan Slices. Find these products near you! 


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