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Vegan Queso & Alfredo Sauce Brands

There is nothing better than nachos during Sunday Night Football! Since I’ve been vegan, I’ve had to find an alternative way to continue my tradition. Check out my favorite vegan queso and cheese dips!

The Honest Stand Nacho Dip

I discovered The Honest Stand during a shopping spree at Whole Foods and I’ve been hooked ever since! They have cheesy sauces in Alfredo, Nacho, Smoked, and Blue Cheese Sauces. They also have Mild Nacho, Spicy Nacho, Garlic Parmesan, Cheddar Style, and Smoked Cheddar Style Dip. Click here to find these at a store near you!



Siete Cashew Queso

This is so delicious! Siete Foods announced their new line of dairy-free queso that “gives you a great new vegan way to enjoy the flavors of traditional queso without the dairy, soy, gluten or grains.” Click here to find these at a store near you! 


Daiya Cheeze Sauce

Daiya’s Cheeze Sauce is “rich, creamy, ready to serve.” The sauce comes in Cheddar, Zesty Cheddar, and Alfredo Cheeze Sauce. Click here to find these at a store near you! 


Trader Joe’s Cashew Fiesta Dip

Whenever I’m making nachos, I have to stop by Trader Joe’s and pick up their Cashew Fiesta Dip! It is so delicious and creamy. Although you can eat it out of the container, I recommend warming it up in the microwave for 15-30 seconds. Click here to find a Trader Joe’s near you!


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