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How to Set Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

Setting boundaries in relationships are important…whether it’s a friendship or a romantic situation. Boundaries are the parameters of behavior that you will allow. Without healthy boundaries, you will end up allowing people to walk all over you, dishonor you, and disrespect you with no consequences. Today is the day that stops! Check out my 5 ways to set healthy boundaries and experience the friendships and relationships that you desire!

1: Know What You Want and Ask For It

The hardest part of this is knowing what you want. What do you want? Do you want consideration before decisions are made? Do you want quality time? Do you want to feel prioritized in the relationship? Whatever it is that you want…ask for that! Don’t allow your wants to go unnoticed for another day longer.

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2: Be Willing to Say No

No is the only word that is the same in every language. You want to know why? Because that is how powerful of a word it is! When you say “no” to someone, you are saying “yes” to yourself. I’m not saying that you should say no to everything. But you should definitely say no to things that would compromise the essence of who you are.

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3: Release the Need for Approval

This goes hand in hand with saying “no.” Many times we’ll say yes, even when we want to say no. When we do that it’s truly not because we’re a “kind” person, it’s because we are seeking external approval. Set that boundary and release that need for approval!

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4: Prioritize Your Well-Being Above All

You matter. You matter. You matter. Say it until you believe it! Your well-being is the most important thing in this world. Yes, sometimes in relationships you will have to sacrifice certain things…BUT you should never have to sacrifice your well-being. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER.

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5: Be Willing to Let Go of Anyone That Doesn’t Respect the Boundaries You Set

Please do yourself and your heart a favor by not holding onto people that constantly cross the boundaries that you set. You deserve so much more! I promise there are friends and romantic partners that will respect you, so let go of those that don’t!

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