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The Reason Why I No Longer Love Unconditionally

“What we call ‘unconditional love,’ is just an excuse to not to have healthy boundaries and expectations for the way you should be treated.” – Bianca Janai

I’ve always been someone who has loved unconditionally. Once I love you, there wasn’t anything you could do to make me stop loving you.

I never thought anything was wrong with the way that I loved. Even when dealing with heartbreak after heartbreak, I always kept a loving heart. I never wanted to change that about myself because I was waiting to meet the right man who would appreciate it.

But I had to learn the hard way why unconditional love shouldn’t be given. If someone knows that your love for them has no conditions, then they will assume they can lie, cheat, abuse, and misuse you and you’ll still be right by their side.

Unconditional love is truly just an excuse to forego setting healthy boundaries on behavior that you will and will not accept. Also, it’s an excuse to not have expectations on the way in which you demand to be treated.

Your love should have a limit. Your love should have boundaries and expectations. Your love shouldn’t accept any type of treatment. It is a privilege. A privilege someone should have to earn and a privilege someone should have to work to keep. My dear, realize that it is a privilege to be loved by you.

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