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How to Attract What You Desire

The Law of Attraction is the belief that your thoughts dictate your experiences in life. Positive thoughts attract positive experiences and negative thoughts are the cause of negative experiences.

If you find that you have a desire for something whether it be money, weight loss, a relationship or career, practice these methods to implement the law of attraction into your life.

1: Positive Affirmations

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Positive affirmations have the power to revolutionize the way that you feel despite the circumstances of your current reality. Affirm yourself and say that you are strong, even when you feel weak. Affirm yourself and say that you are capable, even when you feel incapable. Positively affirm yourself daily and watch your life transform.

2: Focus on Where You Want to Be, Not Where You Are

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It is human nature to focus on the circumstances of your current reality. If you’re broke, then you’ll focus all of your energy on the financial lack in your life. The things you give your focus to will multiply, so if you focus on financial lack then you will continue to attract financial lack. But if you focus on financial abundance, even if your bank account says differently, you will see that doors will open and life events will align to bring you the abundance you’ve been focusing on.

3: Visualize The Manifestation of Your Desires

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Using your imagination is something that most people stopped doing after elementary school. But there is so much power in your mind that if you visualize the things that you want to manifest and feel the feelings of it manifesting, then you will find yourself attracting the manifestation of your desires.

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