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Two Rules to Not Become Emotionally Attached Too Soon

When you’re dating someone and you begin to like them and focus all of your attention on them, it can become easy to find yourself emotionally attached.

The danger in becoming attached too early is doing so before the other person has decided to commit to you. This is how one-sided relationships are formed and this is how heartbreak happens.

There are certain things you can do to prevent yourself from becoming attached too soon, which will decrease your chances of being heartbroken and increase your chances of successfully navigating the dating world. Check out my tips below!

Disclaimer: Becoming attached is NOT a bad thing…it’s just a bad thing when you attach yourself before the other person has exclusively expressed that they are only dating you.

Rule #1: Don’t Neglect Your Hobbies

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I learned this lesson the hard way. The moment you start falling for someone, you will find yourself neglecting the hobbies and the things you used to love. If you used to workout daily, you may find yourself skipping a few days each week to make more time for him. If you used to do arts and crafts projects every week, you may find trading out the projects to spend more time with him. That is mistake #1.

While you should definitely make time for someone you like, you shouldn’t neglect your hobbies…or at least not before a commitment is given and he’s earned you skipping a few gym days. The reason why is because hobbies are the things that you pour your energy into.

If you neglect your hobbies, that means you will begin to pour all of your energy into him. When you pour your energy into another person, it is undoubtedly the first sign you’ve become emotionally attached. Once again, it’s not a bad thing but it can be a bad thing in the early stages.

Rule #2: Wait For Sex

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I know you’re looking at me with the side-eye like “Girl, I’m not doing that,” but please here me out! It is scientifically proven that sex releases the hormone that is responsible for emotional bonding. And it also proven that spending time with someone increases the chance for emotionally bonding.

That means that when you’re spending your time with someone AND having sex with them, it is impossible not to become emotionally attached to them in some way, form, or fashion.

If you at least remove sex from the equation before an exclusive commitment is made, then you decrease your chances of falling deeply for them and then getting heartbroken if they express to you that they don’t feel the same way.

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