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A Pastor’s Perspective with Jabari Baymon

You might have smiled your way into it but you may have to cry your way out. Trust the process just don’t stop fighting. – Pastor Jabari Baymon

Pastor Jabari Baymon is the epitome of a gamechanger in the Kingdom of God. He preaches with power and serves God with humility. His mission is to push people into their destiny! He’s a “destiny helper.”

Pastor Baymon believes in waking up the dormant gifts and talents in people and accomplishes that one sermon at a time. Learn more about the modern-day triple threat and visionary, Pastor Jabari Baymon, and his ministry in the interview with him below.

Who is Pastor Jabari Baymon?

Well, I’m a 26-year-old Pastor born in Greenwood, Mississippi, reared in a small town named Isola and ministry is my life. I am everything I do because I believe in giving everything I have.

I am a son, a brother, an uncle a cousin to many, and a friend. I’m currently an apparel owner, a manager with J&A Management, and the youngest newly appointed Board Member of AC Pier Health Organization in Greenville, MS. I’m a recording artist, pastor and most importantly, a servant. I’m not so heavenly-minded that I’m no earthly-good. I’m human, spiritual and like to have fun.

Describe the moment when you first realized that your calling was to preach?

Amazing you asked this, in most cases it is the parent who identifies the gift or call on a child’s life but in my case it was my HeadStart teacher, Mrs. Georgia Bankhead. One day in class she walked up to me and put her hands on my head and said: “You’re going to be a preacher .” Identifying the call early.

However, I had dreamed of it several times as a child but when I got older I dreamed of it one particular time after some car accidents, situations, and bad decisions. I dreamed I was on a platform in a church with my Bible open and when I read the scripture I closed the book. After years of running, I submitted and told God yes.


I wanted to get Pastor Baymon’s perspective on some questions that readers had written in. Check out his insightful advice below! 

Someone goes to church often but doesn’t feel close to God. They want to develop a deeper relationship with Him but don’t know where to start. What would you say to them? What is your Pastor’s Perspective?

Wow. First, there has to be a relationship. Religion gives rules but a relationship gives freedom. It starts by praying. Praying is what I deem the dialogue between you and God that lets you know who He is personally. So say you have reached this point but still don’t feel close, then it’s probably a lack of consistency. In our relationship with God, we must be intentional and consistent. You don’t serve God with a feeling but with a responsibility.

Someone has been wronged by another person. They want to forgive them but don’t know where to start. What would you say to them? What is your Pastor’s Perspective?

I would start by saying the important thing is to never let someone live rent-free in your mind, heart or soul. Some of the people you’re harboring unforgiveness for have for forgotten the reason which makes you holding the grudge powerless. Let that hurt go.

Someone is in a relationship with another person and considering marriage, but wants to know if they are making the right decision. What would you say to them? What is your Pastor’s Perspective?

Marriage is a big step. Make sure you’re ready. I’m sure many people can tell you that’s been married a while now that marriage does not fix a cracked foundation. If it was broken in the dating stages it’ll be broken in the marriage. You must understand that friendship is the foundation of solid trust. If you haven’t established a solid friendship, marriage isn’t the best decision just yet.

Someone is struggling with their belief in God. They question how can God be real when bad things keep happening to them. What would you say to them? What is your Pastor’s Perspective?

You know what’s funny is this was Facebook discussion one day and I was under the post commenting when someone said “How is God real when babies and people are being murdered and raped ? “ and my response was simply Happenings and Decision making.

Have you ever had the gut feeling to do or not to do something but ignored it? Have you ever had that same feeling about someone but didn’t listen? Have you ever thought that maybe that was God. Children get left with people after ignoring that gut feeling! People do things after ignoring that gut feeling? Was that not God?

I believe in his word where he says I come that you may have life and have it more abundantly which means decision. You’ll never have to doubt God if you listen and pay attention.

Someone has been praying the same prayer of deliverance for many years but yet sees no change in their circumstance. They want to be free but yet they find themselves in chains to their past. What would you say to them? What is your Pastor’s Perspective?

Haha haha…. you know what, we’ve preached this microwaveable and instant deliverance so long that we forgot to preach the processed deliverance. Every deliverance isn’t instant. Just like it was a process to get in it, it takes that much work to get out of it.

If you don’t work for the deliverance you can be easily tempted again. You might have smiled your way into it but you may have to cry your way out. Trust the process…just don’t stop fighting.

How can people stay in touch with you?

I’m on Instagram @mrjabaribaymon and via Facebook Jabari E Baymon. Follow me and add me, I’ll be glad to have you!

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