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Make Extra Money in 5 Minutes

Anybody who knows me knows that I am the Queen of Side Jobs! I truly do believe in always having multiple streams of income so that you’re never dependent on one. If you need a quick way to make some extra money without stepping out of your house, this is for you! I’m sharing my biggest secret!

Anytime I need a few dollars in my pocket, I get on and see what is out there! It’s a website where companies and people post freelance work that they need help with! Companies like Airbnb, GE, and Microsoft, have posted jobs on this website so it’s a really great way to build your portfolio!

You can get paid $20-$30 to write an Amazon review, $50 to organize an Excel spreadsheet, $300-$500 to redesign a website, etc. Currently, I’m helping a matchmaker start their business!

The great part about this website is there are freelance jobs in every field you can think of! The categories include Admin Support, Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, Writing, Accounting, Engineering, Design & Creative, Architecture, Data Science & Analytics, etc.

The way that it works is you use “connects” to apply for each job you are interested in. You are given a certain number of FREE connects when you create an account.  Depending on each job, it can take 1-6 connects to apply, so make sure it’s a job you want before you hit the submit button.  If you do run out of connects, you can always buy more for 15 cents each!

When you create an account My favorite part is that you can see if a job is “payment verified,” which means that they have put money into escrow through Upwork which is the money you will get paid with. Also, they pay you through Upwork so you’ll never have to give your personal or financial information!

To make a long story short, if you are looking to make some extra money, this is my favorite way to do it! Click here to sign up!

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