Broken Glass

I remember driving on the highway and a rock hit my car windshield. Instantly the crack began to spread. I didn’t want to pay to get it replaced so I just decided that I would adjust to looking through broken glass. I did that for 3 months.

At first it caused my eyes to strain since the crack was in my line of vision, but I told myself to adjust. A month later, two more rocks hit my windshield. Now I had three large cracks across my entire windshield but I still told myself to adjust. The more I thought about it, the windshield became a metaphor for life.

Many of us have adjusted to seeing our way through brokenness. We don’t want to take the necessary steps to heal, so we just teach ourselves to adjust. Adjust to being broken. Adjust to not being happy. Adjust to being mistreated. Adjust to being fatigued. Adjust to being depressed. Adjust. Adjust. Adjust.

We must not withhold healing from ourselves just because we’ve learned to adjust to living a life of pain. Happiness is out there for you! Healing is out there for you! Your brokenness is not something you have to learn to deal with forever. You can choose to heal it! And when you do heal the brokenness, you’ll be able to see everything in your life so clearly. Sending you love, peace and positivity!

P.S. I got my windshield fixed today so don’t worry 🙂

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