About B. Janai

untitledB. Janai was born and raised in Houston, Texas and attended the University of Houston where she graduated as one of the top 27 seniors with a Bachelor in Business Administration degree and a Corporate Entrepreneurship certificate. She currently works as a marketing professional in the petroleum industry but her passion is writing. She’s spent 10+ years writing books and poetry, serving as a newspaper editor, and a lead writer for renown blogs. Her writing efforts have landed her a National Award Gold Key, but her greatest accomplishments are BJanai.com and PesceVeganLife.com. She started PesceVeganLife.com in August 2016 as a result of her passion for cooking and unique lifestyle (read the backstory here). In January of 2017, God had put it in her heart to begin BJanai.com, which expresses the revelations and life lessons that He had taken her through. She hopes to continue to inspire others through her writing and to continue being used as a vessel for God to bring whatever he chooses through her.