Trust Iss(you)es

Nowadays a lot of people carry “trust issues” in their heart because of the past, but it is impossible to live life without trusting anyone. You trust that the gas from the station is real gas and that the pump actually filled your tank with the number of gallons that you paid for. You trust … More Trust Iss(you)es

Vision of Love

The eye’s ability at a range of 20 ft. to accurately perceive the same series of letters that the average eye can perceive at a range of 20 ft. is referred to as “normal vision.” That is where the industry-accepted vision standard of 20/20 is derived. A vision test is just a comparison of one’s … More Vision of Love

Follow Your Soul

“Go with your heart”. This is the infamous response when someone is uncertain about a specific decision. I’ve always thought that was a reasonable response but God told me differently. I received a promise from God a year ago and to this day the promise has not been manifested in my life and I can’t … More Follow Your Soul

Creating Destiny

Natchez, Mississippi holds a lot of my memories and many of them involve watching my Grandmother in the kitchen. She’s the reason why I love cooking now and I still call her for recipes. There were many times as a girl that I would pull up a kitchen table chair and just watch her bake … More Creating Destiny

The Rainwater Cup

Every time I go to Mississippi to visit my grandparents, we always spend more time sitting on the porch than in the house. Whether it’s raining or the sun is shining, we’ll stay out there talking and waving at cars as they pass by. I remember one specific day when I was younger, it was … More The Rainwater Cup