*New Workbook Release* Preparation Meets Destiny

I’ve released a new workbook for you! Preparation Meets Destiny provides the opportunity for you and your partner to approach the necessary topics and challenges of marriage in an open and in-depth format, which lays a solid foundation for a resilient and healthy marriage. It walks you through advanced communication, conflict management, finances, relationship baggage, … More *New Workbook Release* Preparation Meets Destiny

Trust Iss(you)es

Nowadays a lot of people carry “trust issues” in their heart because of the past, but it is impossible to live life without trusting anyone. You trust that the gas from the station is real gas and that the pump actually filled your tank with the number of gallons that you paid for. You trust … More Trust Iss(you)es

Vision of Love

The eye’s ability at a range of 20 ft. to accurately perceive the same series of letters that the average eye can perceive at a range of 20 ft. is referred to as “normal vision.” That is where the industry-accepted vision standard of 20/20 is derived. A vision test is just a comparison of one’s … More Vision of Love