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B. Janai is a published author, writer, entrepreneur, and a poet.  It all started at the young age of eight, with a stack of wide-ruled paper stapled between two pieces of colored construction paper and a No. 2 pencil. That was my first book. Since then, I’ve spent over 15 years writing inspirational workbooks, journals, poetry, serving as a newspaper editor, and the lead love and relationship writer for renown blogs. My writing efforts have landed me a National Award Gold Key, but my greatest accomplishments are my blog at BJanai.com, my workbooks and journals, and Shop by B. Janai.  In January of 2017, God had put it in my heart to begin BJanai.com to express the revelations and life lessons that He had taken me through. Although my passion is to inspire others, my inspiration is when I look up into the blue sky and see God smiling back. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @RealBJanai and Facebook @RealBJanai.

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B. Janai

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