Wise Words

Faith & Neon Pink Nike’s

The Bible says that with the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains. Initially, that verse led me to believe that if I was facing mountains that weren’t moving then that must mean that my faith was lacking. But for some reason, I couldn’t receive that message. I couldn’t receive the message that… Continue reading Faith & Neon Pink Nike’s

Wise Words

God’s Unwritten Why of Waiting: My Letter to Young Girls

They taught us our ABCs at a young age. They taught us how to tie our shoes with bunny ears into a perfect well-balanced knot so that we don’t trip over our feet. They even taught us fractions and how many halves make one whole, but we’ve struggled to stay whole within our hearts and… Continue reading God’s Unwritten Why of Waiting: My Letter to Young Girls

Love & All That Jazz

Schoolin’ Relationships

“You must be the student in your relationship. Always be willing to learn about the one you are with and let them teach you how they receive love. Never think that you have learned so much about your significant other that you have enough knowledge to be the professor…for that is the beginning of the… Continue reading Schoolin’ Relationships

Wise Words

Substitution of Familiarity

The practice of sacrificing one thing to obtain something else is commonly regarded to as substitution. Substitutions are typically made when someone doesn’t like what they currently have. They trade what they currently have for something else that they are familiar with. This is done in hopes that the familiar thing will step into the… Continue reading Substitution of Familiarity