Prayer Corner

Lately, I’ve developed this passion for praying. I used to be the one that everyone would come to for advice and normally I would give it. Now things have changed and anytime I receive a text about a hardship, my spirit leads me to type out a prayer. I’ve concluded that is because I’ve learned that the best advice to give someone is the Word of God and a prayer. God has given me a talent of writing and a passion for prayer, and the both of these has led me to develop a Prayer Corner on I understand that there are times when life has gotten you to a point where you don’t know what to say. I’m here to hold your hand during this time and say it not just for you, but with you. This is where you can request prayer by completing the form below and receive a prayer response specific to your situation within 24-48 hours. The requests do not have to be deeply detailed, as I just need a basis of the concern to pray. You can be assured that the request or the prayer will not be disclosed to anyone in addition to me. This is purely my desire to fulfill what God has called me to do.

The response will come from, so be sure to add the email to your email contacts so the prayer will not go into the spam folder.

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