Quote Wall

Freethinkers operate with knowledge, not ignorance – B. Janai

“Just because a woman is powerful, does not mean she will overpower the masculinity of her man.”

Being attached to the wrong person will hold you hostage, pause your potential, and detour your destiny.” – B. Janai

“The only thing worse than complete ignorance is false knowledge accepted as truth.” – B. Janai

“Just because someone has your emotions, doesn’t mean they have your heart.” – B. Janai

“A lot of people date and marry people because they like their personality. You don’t marry someone’s personality, you marry their issues.” – B. Janai

“Your purpose is imprisoned by your preservation. It’s time to break free!” – B. Janai

“Don’t change your desire. Change your expectation.” – B. Janai

“There is growth in the rain and progress in the pain.” – B. Janai

“Penetrating your heart with God’s word is equivalent to looking through the highest quality glass. There you will find clarity. There you will find love. There you will find the man that will never leave you. There you will find the relationship validation you’ve been searching the world for.” – B. Janai

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