Preparation Meets Destiny: Workbook for Couples Considering Marriage

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Preparation Meets Destiny provides the opportunity for you and your partner to approach the necessary topics and challenges of marriage in an open and in-depth format, which lays a solid foundation for a resilient and healthy marriage. It walks you through advanced communication, conflict management, finances, relationship baggage, forgiveness, trust, parenting, sexual intimacy, health, attachment styles, and so much more! If you and your partner are committed to doing the preparation and preventative maintenance that is necessary to have a prosperous marriage, then this workbook is for you! Click here to buy.

I’m sure you’re asking “How can you give advice on marriage when you’re not married?” The answer is simply “I’m not giving advice. I’m giving tools.” Tools and insight for people to create the relationship that works for them.” That’s why I’ve only created workbooks. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result, then why do people continue to enter marriage the same way and expect the divorce rate to change from 50%? That question inspired this workbook. I initially used to fear marriage, but when I reflected I realized that my fear wasn’t marriage. My fear was divorce. My fear was becoming another statistic for the Census Bureau to report on. So God placed it on my heart to use the mistakes I’ve witnessed pre-nuptial that became issues post-nuptial, coupled with my extensive psychology and sociology research in the study of human interaction and behavior to create Preparation Meets Destiny. Although all relationships are different, they require the same basic components of human interaction, which are communication, conflict management, forgiveness, intimacy, transparency, trust, understanding, etc. This workbook allows you to address those necessary topics and challenges in an open and in-depth format, which lays a foundation for a resilient and healthy marriage. Click here to buy. 

His & Her Relationship Dictionary

Even throughout being single, somehow I always ended up serving as the lead love & relationship writer for renown websites because of the wisdom I had gained from experiencing and witnessing broken relationships. All of that led me to interview and analyze couples nationwide to uncover the tools that allow every couple to create a healthy relationship that meets the needs of both people. I found that the source of miscommunication in relationships is couples that communicate with the same words, but have not expressed the different definitions, beliefs, and expectations that each one has attached to those words as a result of exposure and life experiences. I didn’t want to write an advice book because I believe that every relationship is different, but I wanted to provide tools of communication for a healthy relationship. My personal research turned into these two interactive relationship workbooks which serve as a communication tool in a relationship to understand each other more and to define love his and her way. Stay tuned for more interactive workbooks coming soon!

His Relationship Dictionary & Her Relationship Dictionary – Available on Amazon & Kindle

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